Diameter Tape Measures

  New Video: How a Diameter Tape Finds the Pipe Diameter For You.

How to use a diameter tape: Wrap the tape around the pipe, and read the DIAMETER in inches or centimeters. It's that easy.  No need to divide by pi. The old, expensive way to measure the diameter was using a micrometer, or a caliper. Both of these tools are bulky, and hard to use. Diameter tapes are also called: pipe tapes, pi tapes, od tapes, and O. D. tapes.

  Lufkin diameter tapes. Click for more information.  Barlow diameter tapes are no longer made.

  Y906pd Lufkin not Barlow pipe Diameter tape, in 100ths Lufkin Y906pd Diameter tape, in 100ths

  Y906p pipe Diameter tape, in 64ths Lufkin Y906p Diameter tape, in 64ths

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